Anutai is a minor character and an opponent in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds.


Along with two fellow Banuk, Rukul and Naunuk, Anutai has been exacting revenge for the Red Raids upon Carja outlanders who venture into the Cut.

Although the complete timeline is unclear, Furahni notes that three or four Carja have disappeared in the area over the last few seasons, with Ruwas being the most recent.

Associated Quests

Frontier Justice

When the recent death of a Carja hunter resulted in the Banuk Inatut being wrongly sentenced to exile, the Nora Aloy began investigating the incident. Following a trial from the Carja Outlander Camp where the incident occurred, Aloy discovered Anutai and her companions at their camp. A brief fight ensued, ending with the death of all three Banuk, including Anutai.

Battle Stats

Anutai wields a unique Banuk Halberd.

Level HP Attack Damage Additional Info[1]
20 604 Melee 300 to 450 per hit
  • Takes reduced damage from headshots.


  • Anutai can be first seen along the road near the prismatic springs outside of Song's Edge along with Naunuk and Rukul


  1. Table adapted from Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds Strategy Guide (Collector's Ed.), p.129. Future Press, 2017.
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