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Animal Figurines are a type of collectable found throughout the world of Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds. Map - Animal Figurines can be purchased from Bluegleam Merchants and shows the approximate locations of all Animal Figurines.


These animal figurines were once sold by Montana Recreations in the Yellowstone National Park gift shop as souvenirs to promote the park to visitors. They depict some of the animals that could be seen in the park during its prime. All of the unsold souvenir merchandise, including the figurines, was recalled by Montana Recreations when the park closed in the mid-twenty first century to preserve the secrecy of Project Firebreak. However, one of the sets of seven figurines that was produced specifically for the holographic display at the gift shop was not recalled.[1]

The display set was eventually lost to the wilds until one of its seven pieces was discovered by the Banuk shaman Enjuk. He has since taken up residence in the ruined facility, now called Hollow Hall, and will reward Aloy for finding each of the remaining six figurines.

There are six figurines that can be found in different locations throughout The Cut:

Finding all of these figurines rewards the player with a Playstation trophy.


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