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"The lesson will be taught in due time, Aloy. Until then, we wait."
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"To understand one another is to embrace truth."

Alva is a major character in Horizon Forbidden West. She is a Diviner of the distant Quen tribe, who came to the Forbidden West as part of a research expedition.


Early life[]

Born to peasants, Alva was able to rise in status by becoming a Diviner: not only did she bring honor to her family, but she was able to grant them a degree of protection from the floods and famine threatening the empire. However, leaving for the Research Academy meant separation and the inability to meet them again without special permission and escort. While at the academy, she developed a rivalry with a colleague named Federa. While Alva initially "hated her guts", the two fell in love.

Eventually, Alva was assigned as Second Diviner of the Eastern Expedition for San Francisco, headed by the Ceo, launched in hopes of finding solutions to the severe weather and Red Blight threatening the tribe. This would be the last time Alva was allowed to see her family before leaving: by that time, her fourteen-year-old sister Elika was already emaciated despite the increased rations brought by Alva's station. Before Alva left, Federa promised she'd wait for her, no matter how long it took.

However, the journey would be far more perilous than any could have predicted. Hurricanes sank most of the ships, and many soldiers succumbed to sickness and starvation before reaching the ruins of San Francisco, now merely an Isle of Spires. Alva found data directing the expedition to Ted Faro's bunker Thebes, but casualties from machines, starvation and the native "barbarians" continued to accumulate. As progress stagnated and Thebes's secrets remained just out of reach, the Ceo slipped into madness, eventually believing himself the literal reincarnation of Ted Faro and executing anyone who said otherwise.

A Living Ancestor[]

On the mainland, the expedition discovered the Greenhouse, hoping to find Legacies related to agriculture: unfortunately, Alva's Focus was too outdated to access many of the ruin's archives. A week after their arrival, she heard her guards being slaughtered. When discovered by the killer, Alva offered no resistance, but was told by the killer that she only acted in self-defense. Alva then turned around and was bewildered to see Aloy, a clone of the Ancestor Elisabet Sobeck, (who was, in turn, surprised to see Alva wearing a Focus). She proceeded to explain the Quen's purpose at the Greenhouse.

Aloy then explained she was looking for Test Station Ivy. Alva tried to bring up a map but to her Focus it seemed unreadable, so Aloy shared her files. While Aloy's destination seemed unreachable from the ground, she discovered a subterranean tunnel system that could be accessed by two-person authentication. The two women then made their way through the tunnels and past machines until they reached a control center, where they inadvertently activated a biomass conversion device that destroyed the vegetation in the courtyard ahead. Aloy explained to the unnerved Diviner that it was a creation of the Ancestors, and what ultimately wiped them out. This revelation distressed Alva, who despaired that she hadn't found anything of value to bring back. Aloy assured her they had similar goals, and that her own mission would grant Alva access to the Greenhouse's data.

Once they made their way out of the control center, the pair were attacked by a Dreadwing, which they worked together to destroy. Afterwards, they discovered a log detailing that the Adamantine Wreaths, a countermeasure for the Faro Plague that was ultimately too little too late. Aloy then used the software module to create a Vine Cutter for the Metal Flower blocking access to DEMETER. Once she collected the subordinate function, Alva's Focus experienced a glitch. Aloy only said that DEMETER was the kind of data Alva couldn't read before bringing up immeasurable files on agriculture from the data core.

Suddenly, they were startled by an arrow from Quen reinforcements, forcing Aloy to take cover. Alva managed to get them to stand down, identifying Aloy as Elisabet Sobeck reborn. Knowing that her people would want to bring Aloy back with them, Alva sent her away and told her where to find Legacy's Landfall should Aloy need to find her.


The Ceo, as well as the Expedition's Overseer Bohai, were delighted by Alva's bounty, which held enough data to spend years unpacking. However, the Ceo remained fixated on Thebes, claiming its secrets would yield "faster results". Alva eventually journeyed to the Digsite, but the appearance of an Apex Thunderjaw forced the Quen to retreat to safety until Aloy, who came to Thebes for Ted Faro's Omega Clearance, arrived and killed the machine. Alva attempted to warn Aloy of the Ceo's instability, but was interrupted by the arrival of the man himself. At the door of Thebes, Alva directed Aloy to a flooded passage, allowing her to enter the bunker and open the main door from the inside. Once again, the Ceo's madness reared its ugly head, as he forced Aloy to dress as Elisabet Sobeck before she and the Quen entered Thebes. Unable to speak up or speak out, Alva privately promised to the bewildered and irritated huntress that she would explain everything should the two of them survive.

The group eventually found their way to Thebes' power room, where the Ceo discovered Ted Faro, alive but mutated into a twisted monstrosity. The Ceo ordered his guards to immolate the monstrosity, inadvertently triggering Thebes's self-destruction protocol and kill both Alva and Aloy to cover his crime. As Thebes began to crumble around them, the two fought for their lives, barely escaping Thebes before it collapsed, being the only two to survive.

However, waiting for the two on the surface was Bohai and more soldiers, understandably wanting answers. When asked about the Ceo's fate, Alva replied that he was gone, saying that "he gave his life to help [them] attain the secrets of Thebes". This was a near-fatal mistake: Bohai, no longer having to appease the lunatic in charge, scoffed at the absurdity of her claim and threatened the two for the truth. Luckily, Aloy provided a more accurate account, and convinced him that she had, in fact, found something that could help the Quen homeland if she was allowed to take it. In exchange, Bohai instructed Alva to join Aloy and report back on her efforts.

Joining Aloy[]

Upon arriving back on the mainland, Alva met with Varl, one of Aloy's allies, who gave her a more recent Focus and brought her to Aloy's base, where she was introduced to Aloy's other allies, GAIA, and the details of Aloy's mission. While some of the revelations were of great shock, such as the Ancestor Erik Visser being part of Far Zenith, the experience was otherwise Alva's greatest dreams realized: her improved Focus gave her unrestricted access to all the data she could want, as well as a brand-new grasp into the world of the Ancestors.


While sifting through files from the Greenhouse, Alva learned the location of the research facility where Leviathan, an Old World system used to control flooding in the Great Delta, was created and asked Aloy for help in locating the data. They later met up in Landfall, where they spoke with Nirik, the Diviner currently investigating Leviathan, who claimed to had reached a dead end. However, Alva saw through his obfuscation, suspecting he found something compromising on Eileen Sasaki, the benefactor behind Leviathan, and managed to convince him to reveal the location of the Atbay Research Facility.

When they arrived, they were forced to fight a Slitherfang. Afterwards, they found a log revealing that Eileen covered up Omuramba. Shocked by this revelation, she wondered if all Ancestors were all self-serving. Fortunately, Aloy encouraged her not to give up, reasoning that the data on Leviathan might exist.

Thus, they traveled to the Atbay corporate headquarters. However, with surface access blocked, they resorted to using a man-made bridge built by Quen soldiers on a nearby building to cross over. Eventually, they found another log, revealing that Eileen merely covered up Omuramba on her father's orders but she felt guilty about it; Alva declared it irrelevant, as she was still culpable.

Eventually reaching Eileen's office and discerning the passcode from her trophies, they find a third log from Eileen, revealing she had overthrew her father and resolved to ensure Leviathan worked right rather than cover up innumerable deaths just to save face. This new revelation led Alva to conclude that Eileen were neither a paragon nor a monster. Subsequently, she discovered data on Leviathan.

When she return to the Base, she told Aloy that she had much to reflect on how the Overseers want the Ancestors to be seen and what she had learned about them. Now she understood that the truth wasn't a straight line but more comparable to a "splatter, smudged and faded on stained parchment", and vowed to continue seeking out the truth, no matter ugly it might be.

Battle against the Zeniths[]

Before departing for Far Zenith's base, Aloy spoke to Alva and Kotallo alone, entrusting them with a plan to take out the base's regulator as well as hack the Zenith database to determine what, if anything, Tilda was hiding from the group.

As Alva and Kotallo took out the regulator while Aloy and the rest fought the Zenith's outside, Alva managed to get into a terminal and access Far Zenith's records. Out of all the data she found, two things caught her interest: first of all, she discovered flight plans for spaceflight away from Earth, indicating that Zeniths weren't attempting to recreate Earth's biosphere for their purpose, but rather flee Earth with GAIA. Second, she found mentionings about something called "Nemesis". The data didn't reveal what it actually was, but Alva determined that the Zeniths feared it. Aloy and Beta eventually learned from Tilda, what Nemesis actually is.

As Aloy's companions left to warn their respective tribes about Nemesis, Alva remained in Legacy's Landfall alongside a small detachment.

Burning Shores[]

Alva is later contacted by Aloy and is overjoyed upon learning that the other half of the Quen expedition, which was thought lost in a hurricane, had survived and safely made landfall at the Burning Shores. She subsequently began making plans for their groups to meet up again.

When Aloy visits Legacy's Landfall following her adventure at the Burning Shores, she found that Alva was gone and left behind a Datapoint saying she was investigating some ruins.


Alva is bubbly, inquisitive and intelligent. Unrelentingly curious and dedicated to her field, she is nevertheless somewhat shy and unsure of herself.

While she cares deeply for her tribe, Alva is well-aware of the Quen's systemic problems, and is particularly frustrated with the restriction of knowledge that comes from the Overseers. This is magnified when she learns that several of the Ancestors (particularly Ted Faro) were not the paragons of virtue often described. The possibility of her loved ones being punished for her possession of Forbidden knowledge becomes a looming shadow over her mind, to the point where she is uncertain whether to return to her homeland.


As a Diviner, Alva is one of the few individuals alive versed in ancient technology. Her original Focus, being an obsolete model, was unable to read files created after the mid-2050s without Aloy sharing them through her own. This handicap was removed upon receiving a more recent version.

While not a warrior like many of Aloy's companions, Alva is capable of holding her own in a fight, be it against man or machine. In combat, she makes use of Plasma arrows and uses a dagger in emergencies.



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