"My spear is sharp! My will is like the oldest ice!"

Aluki is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn. She is a Banuk warrior that can be found at the Banuk Encampment.


Aluki was not one of the original Banuk that lived in the Banuk Encampment. Rather, she was chasing down a Ravager that had torn a hunter in half, only for it to become docile once it came close to the Encampment. Since then, Aluki has remained at the settlement to protect the Banuk Shamans and keep watch over the Ravager.

Associated Quests

A Moment's Peace

Aloy encounters Aluki when she comes to investigate the rumors about the camp. In contrast to Tikuk and Siluk, Aluki considers the situation to be "frozen Grazer dung", as she believes the machines were meant to challenge hunters.

Understandably, Aluki is excited when the machines become aggressive once more, and helps bring them down before they harm the Banuk.

The Looming Shadow

If the player has completed A Moment's Peace, Aluki will join Aloy as an ally. She can be found near the base of the Alight.

The Face of Extinction

If Aluki is an ally, she will be seen fighting a Corrupted Scrapper on the trail to the Spire.


  • Aluki shares the same tribal markings as Nulat.


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