The Alight is an unmarked location in Horizon Zero Dawn.


The Alight is the name given to the mesa outside of Meridian on which the Carja tribe's revered Spire rests. The most honored tribe members, notably Sun-Kings, are buried here upon death.

Battle for the Spire

In order to wipe out all life on Earth, HADES facilitated an invasion of Meridian to reach the Spire. A group of Nora Braves and the Oseram Vanguard mounted a defense, but were overwhelmed by corrupted machines. The three warriors who could still fight gathered their forces, and were joined by Aloy just before going over the top.

The following fight was a race against time, with HADES unleashing wave after wave of corrupted machines. Eventually, with the destruction of the Deathbringer guarding the AI, the tides turned for the battle, and Aloy neutralized HADES, preventing a second mass extinction.

Tribal outsiders are traditionally restricted from accessing the Alight, but Sun-King Avad allowed Aloy and her allies onto the sacred ground due to the extreme circumstances of HADES' threat to Meridian.[1]


"In the early spring of the twentieth year of the reign of the Sun-King Jiran, a cohort of twelve soldiers headed from the Raingathers to the Alight were set upon by the beast."
Record of Redmaw 1
"Under that tangled canopy the hunter became the hunted, glimpsing in the shadows more of the eerie lights, 'til he was surrounded by machines he named Stalkers. Long was his flight through the undergrowth to the safety of the Alight..."
Legendary Hunts



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