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"A secret, shared, is kept beneath ice."

A Secret Shared is an errand in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds. Completing this quest unlocks the ability to apply modifications to Aloy's spear and Sylens' Lance.


At the Banuk dye camp, 130m north of Song's Edge, a shaman named Kamut is found standing on a small, enshrined wooden dock. He calls out to Aloy and compliments her spear before offering her a way to improve it. He points her north to an abandoned cave full of "metal birds" left behind by the Old Ones and instructs her to find a rail inside one that has not yet been stripped of its parts.

The cave is actually a ruined bunker called the Drone Hangar in the northernmost part of the Cut. When Aloy descends into the ruin, she sets off a Stalker mine but the machine will not appear. The accessible "metal bird" has been stripped and does not contain the part she needs. In order to reach the untouched drone behind the wall, Aloy must climb the nearby ladder and use the handholds to cross the gap towards a small ledge with a console on it. Activating the console moves one of the drones into a position that allows Aloy to climb on top of it and access the ledge in the back right corner.

After using the handhold to climb into the hallway, the way is now blocked by a familiar Holo-Lock. Aloy can find the password by scanning the code nexus with her Focus or listening to the nearby datapoint. Aloy continues through the halls until reaching the pristine drone and taking the rail part from its nose. After scaling the wall using handholds, the Stalker will appear.

Once Aloy has escaped the ruin and returned to Kamut he will show her how to attach the part to her spear, giving her the ability to modify it with improved damage modifications. Kamut goes on to explain his reason for helping Aloy: he is concerned that the shamans are not doing enough to combat the new dangers the Banuk are facing.


  1. Find Rail Part
  2. Leave Drone Hangar
  3. Return to Kamut



A Secret Shared - Ultra Hard - No Damage - Video Guide

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