"Ah, the machine-riding Nora with the special spear! How lucky to come across you. I have a proposal! Come closer."

A Curious Proposal is an errand in Horizon Zero Dawn.


In Brightmarket, Aloy encounters an Oseram fortune-hunter named Fernund who recognizes her as the Nora machine-rider and offers a proposal. Prompted to explain further, Fernund tells Aloy that many outlanders hid their valuables from raiders during the reign of the Mad Sun-King Jiran. Fernund claims to have located a valuable relic from the Old Ones stashed out of his reach in the Dusk Mesa. He offers to split the proceeds from the relic's sale with Aloy should she recover it for him. Although seemingly suspicious, Aloy agrees to retrieve the relic and bring it to Fernund in Meridian Village.

At Dusk Mesa, Aloy climbs the rock formation and is surprised to discover a small chest, indicating that Fernund was telling the truth. However, she opens the chest and finds it empty. At this moment, Fernund appears from below and calls out to Aloy, explaining that the relic story was a ruse to lure her to his ambush point. His true desire is Aloy's spear, and he offers to let her live if she gives it to him. Aloy refuses and must defeat or evade the outlander mercenaries hired by Fernund, who disappears during the commotion.

After killing or escaping from the outlanders, Aloy goes to Meridian Village hoping to locate Fernund. When he spots her, he runs in an attempt to avoid her ire but is quickly cornered when he tries to open a locked door. Aloy confronts and threatens him but ultimately lets him go after he promises to stop swindling citizens and leave her alone.


  1. Go to Dusk Mesa
  2. Search Dusk Mesa for the Relic
  3. Recover the Relic
  4. Survive the Ambush
  5. Find Fernund at Meridian Village
  6. Talk to Fernund



A Curious Proposal - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide

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